Stucchi policies: Safety, Occupational Health and Environment


Stucchi S.p.A. deems that the protection of occupational health, safety and the environment represents a key and essential aspect of the overall corporate management function and system


Therefore, the Company's Top Management has decided to make a formal commitment to the prevention and protection activities of all the persons present within its industrial facilities (full respect of the provisions concerning compliance with the binding regulatory requirements) and the requirements underwritten by Stucchi S.p.A. consolidating the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, in compliance with the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standard.

The staff employed by Stucchi S.p.A. who will be involved in corporate missions to Customers and Suppliers shall ensure that their conduct complies with the principles set out in OHSAS 18001:2007, in addition to the respective specific supplementary requirements and such requirements shall be NO less demanding than the provisions set out in the standard concerned. This decision entails a specific commitment undertaken by Stucchi S.p.A. in relation to all of the Company's employees and the persons who may work in its production facilities.

The aims of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy concern the following aspects:

  • The on-going improvement of the Health and Safety Management System by monitoring specific indicators adopted to identify its respective trend.
  • The participation, awareness and expertise of the persons who operate within the Company's production facilities.

The Health and Safety Policy is implemented and generates a continuous flow of solutions achieved by the:

  • GRIP on colleagues and suppliers/Customers by fostering their awareness; a communication and reporting system designed to ensure the collaborative involvement among all employees, partners and suppliers designed to disseminate and share the Occupational Health and Safety culture.
  • GRAB the opportunities to enhance skills and passive protection concerning safe behaviour; an on-going training of the staff concerning general and specific risks and the respective prevention and protection measures adopted by the Company.
  • GROW in terms of the training and experience gained by Team work. Working in a group to appreciate one's personal limits, compensating them with appropriate actions and the related risks, increasing the number of persons who gain awareness.
  • FIT TO COMPETE Seeking and Adopting “safe” natural conduct. Assigning the resources which are necessary and sufficient to plan and ensure the effective realisation of the programmes to achieve the targets set. A resource is not valid because it costs but because it is necessary. An on-going analysis of the activities actually performed in order to identify all the possible risks and to implement the appropriate technical, organisational and procedural protective measures. An on-going monitoring of the technological growth and of the overall industrial organisation, with the aim of ensuring healthy and safe workplaces, as well as protective devices which are suited to the nature of the risks present. The Management's periodic review of the adequacy and effectiveness of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  • STRONGEST LINK To establish constructive and long-lasting links with service providers, for example: Company Doctor, maintenance services for specific systems/plants, entities designated to provide surveillance services. 


The Management has decided to commit itself (full compliance with rules, in conformity with the applicable standards) in force and those undersigned by Stucchi S.p.A. formally to the protection of the environment by consolidating its Environmental Management System in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.

Stucchi S.p.A.'s employees who work on behalf of the company with Customers and Suppliers must act according to the principles of standard UNI EN ISO 1400:2004 and the additional specific requirements of these, and nothing short of the provisions of the same standard.

This decision requires Stucchi S.p.A.'s specific commitment to the environment during the execution of its activities both within and outside the company.

The objectives of the Environmental Policy are with regard to:

  • Ongoing improvement of the environmental services monitored by the Environmental Management System according to specific indicators chosen for assessing their progress.
  • The participation, knowledge and expertise of the people who work on the company premises.

The Environmental Policy is applied to generate a costant flow of solutions obtained by:

  • GRIP on the colleagues and suppliers/Customers to keep them up to date. A system of communication and relations to ensure the collaboration of all employees, partners and suppliers in the diffusion of and sharing in the environmental culture. 
  • GRAB opportunities to protect the environment and prevent pollution. Ongoing training of employees aimed at bringing about changes in attitude and conduct on both 
    an individual and a collective level. 
  • GROW in terms of training and educating people in respect for the environment. Team work to discover one’s limitations and correlated risks, and to compensate for these with appropriate actions. Increase environmental awareness among more people.
  • FIT TO COMPETE Research into and adopt a natural approach that is “environmentally friendly”. The allocation of necessary and sufficient resources for the planning and execution of projects for attaining objectives. A resource is valuable not because of its cost but because of its use. 
    Ongoing analysis of the activities carried out, to identify all possible forms of environmental impact and to implement appropriate technical, organizational and procedural measures to protect the environment. 
    Ongoing monitoring of technical development and industrial organization as a whole, with the aim of ensuring care for the environment and lower consumption of natural resources. Periodic reappraisal by the Management of the suitability and efficiency of the Environmental Management System. 
  • STRONGEST LINK To form strong, long-lasting partnerships with service providers (waste disposal firms, maintenance services for specific plants, etc.) by monitoring the activities carried out on the premises of Stucchi S.p.A. and sharing objectives for mutual development. To work closely with monitoring bodies (local bodies, trade offices, etc.) with transparent communications and prior consultation.

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