Code of ethics


A constant flow of solutions

Our first 50 years of history have brought us to provide a constant flow of solutions for our customers in five continents. We have always been inspired by some principles and values that today we want to to express with clarity so that they continue to guide our approach to the market, the communities where we operate, the people who work with us and those who have a legitimate interest in our activities. We also expect our partners to adhere to business principles and values summarized in this document.

Giovanni Stucchi
Chief Executive Officer
     Adopt the highest standards of 
     business conduct in full compliance 
     with the applicable laws and 
     regulations of the countries where we 
     Communicate and 
     behave clearly and openly.
     Keep an unbiased approach when 
     dealing with all stakeholders.
     Individual responsibility
      Have full consciousness of the 
      professional responsibility and
      the consequences of one’s own 
    Central focus 
    on the individual
     Respect and value each individual.
     Refuse any kind of discrimination.
     Preserve the safety and well-being of 
     all individuals, safety in the workplace 
     and care for the environment in 
     which we live.
      Always adopt a shared and 
      multidisciplinary approach to work, 
      trusting one another, being willing 
      to listen and to reconcile different